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Awards, Voting, Events, Awards, SDGs

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CanUDIGit.Earth Challenges

2023-2026 - 6 Challenges Per Year

Voting & Top Finalists Awards

Special Promotions & Exciting Events

Supporting the UN


The Official *EarthSTARS Certificate & Global Alumni Club Membership

Electronically Goes Out to Each Approved Entrant

  • ENTER Any Challenge and You Get Free EarthSTARS Alumni Membership & VIP Invites to Exclusive Online & Live Climate and Art Workshops.*

  • Sponsored Contest Prizes are In-The-Works & Announced with Each Individual Challenge, 

  • EarthSTARS Certificate Sent Electronically to All Approved Entrants.

  • Share and Challenge Your Friends & Families on Social Media Hashtag #CanUDIGitearth to Join in the fun. 

*All Entrants must be Approved by sponsorKIDS Charities Lead Team for appropriate content before accepted for Alumni Membership and Voting.

EarthSTARS ALUMNI People’s Choice Voting At Each Challenge​

  • Each Approved Challenge Entry You Make Is Automatically Entered into our EarthSTARS Alumni People’s Choice Voting.

  • People's Choice Voting Results in Up To:

    • 10 Global Semi-Finalists for each of the 3-Topics (SEA: Soil, EVs, Architecture) = up to 30 Semi-Finalists Globally 

    • Three Semi-Finalists for the "Best of" the 7-Creative Arts Categories (Photography, Narrative, Dance, Song, Poetry, Design, Visual Arts)  - 7 Art Categories x 3 semi-finalists each = 21 Semi Finalists 

    • EACH CHALLENGE CAN NET UP TO 51 Semi-Finalists

    • Winners:  3 Total Topic Finalists; 7 Total Creative Arts Category Finalists - 10 Total Awards For Each Challenge

  • Each Entry is Judged on the Values of Content, Clarity of Message and Creativity

  • People's Choice Voting is Open & Online

    • All Entrants, Your Friends, Families and General Viewers Can Vote. Share Often!  

    • Tiebreakers for Each Challenge Are Broken by Our Esteemed Team of Judges.

    • Top Overall Vote Getters Announced 30 Days After Each Challenge Ends,  Recognized as EarthSTARS Impact Alumni Global Finalists in Press Announcements.

    • Winners Announced via Email, Social Media, Our Blog, in Press Media Stories & Posted on Numerous Partner’s Website. 



Here, We Celebrate The TOP WINNERS

  • EarthSTARS impact Alumni Awards Ceremony In-the-Works 

  • Any tie breakers will be handled by our Esteemed Team of Judges. 


  • EACH YEAR:  6 or More Challenges to Be Announced for Participation.  All EarthSTARS Alumni will be invited back to participate when additional CanUDIGit.EARTH Challenges are announced.

  • ZOOM  TYPE Permaculture Workshops and Quick Tips, Simple Planting ideas from noted experts

  • Annual Event / Conference: EarthSTARS Alliance Alumni Special invitations. Guest Speakers, Celebrity,  Influencers, Guest Chefs

  • Co-Hosted Virtual Press Conferences:  #CanUDIGitEARTH Joined by Integral Campaign Partners Online, Guest Presenters, Conventional Media, with invites to our VIP Entrants to this Campaign. 

  • Special Social Media: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram Private Page Invites for all EarthSTARS Alliance Alumni to Get Together online.

  • EarthSTARS IMPACT Alumni Fundraising Campaigns Membership Drives, Philanthropy, Special Green Events and more.

  • Our Team's Ongoing Climate Education Climate Reality Leadership Corp, Columbia University & More to Keep Up On the Most Current Knowledge on Climate.

  • Environmental Education:  Promoted through Promoted through key Global Education  Resources and Collaborations.

  • Connecting, training, and empowering youth as successful campaigners for the environment 

  • Travels Resume post COVID. Dates TBA

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