Since 2000 sponsorKIDS Charities 501c3 has Sponsored Over

200 Students PeaceJourney Ambassadors Traveling to

Romania, Tanzania, Germany, Ethiopia, Morocco, Mexico, Guatemala, Hawaii and Beyond.

  • Each Girl-Led Trip is Designed to Create Next Generation Leadership on Environmental Issues & Exposure to Media Careers

  • Award Winning Documentaries, Radio Podcast & TV Interviews, Social Media and Blogs Stories as Well as Songwriting Music Camps & Events Create Real Time Personal Travel Adventure Stories in Our Quest to Find New Paths to Peace, Careers and Eco-sustainability.

"'Restore connection' is not just for devices, it is for people too. If we cannot disconnect, we cannot lead." -Arianna Huffington

Our Mission

Since 2000, PeaceJourney (.com 501c3 Program) sponsors

  • National & international human rights and environmental exploration travel from the Chicago/USA,

  • Led by girl students from marginalized communities. 

  • Each trip exposes our PeaceJourney convoy of teens to cultures with the mission to capture their experiences on film, led by our award-winning documentary team and digital technology.

  • We introduce skills for careers through the lens of teaching professional interview skills,  storytelling, filming/photography, editing, writing, music, performances and on-camera talent.

  • By sharing cultures, we foster a love of adventure, respect for cultures and humanity as we expose human conditions, foster media careers, and build  PeaceJourney Alumni  Ambassadors and future alumni events.


Our Vision

Develop and deliver experience-based travel programs to:

  • Create an alumni of Peace Journey Youth Ambassadors in leadership for our planet.

  • Enable a broader view of cultures;

  • Learn to express through narrative, photos and film shared on Social & Conventional Mass Media.

  • Experience career paths in creative media enterprises and promote economic and social impact value-based lifestyles.

  • Strengthen personal principles and values

  • Invite educators, business professionals and institutions to partner and interact.

  • Engage an entrepreneurial spirit in young people to carry them forward in their careers, jobs and families.

We Need Your Support Today!


Email: jkravitz@peacejourney.com

Phone: 312-573-1113 Chicago/USA

Registered Charity:

sponsorKIDS Charities 501c3

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