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Rocco Cataldo

Rocco Cataldo, Emmy Award Winning Director, Producer of film, music and commercials. 10 years of work with sponsorKIDS Peace Journey interviewing top music artists and songwriters, developing documentary content and more.

J.L. Kirkwood

I'm J.L. Kirkwood, Author, National Spoken Word Artist and Marriage and Family Therapist: On a day to day basis I coach couples on relationship bonding techniques to help them continue, rebuild or analyze their relationship as they conceptualize their journey. I care about the PeaceJourney because it caters to an often times forgotten voice, an inspired message that is decoded by love and compassion as it drifts ashore with the word PEACE inside of a bottle. During these times of discourse, the violence makes the walls of pain weep with sorrow, shedding tears from forgotten soldiers, children losing their lives to other children, single mothers overwhelmed by the burden of absent fathers. Hindsight is 20/20 and PeaceJourney traces the steps of where we have been to ensure that we change the direction of where we are going.

Scott Roos 

Scott Roos, Vice President Product Design for Juno Lighting, is an accomplished product designer and educator in the lighting industry most recently focusing on the relationship between light and health.  He is  a long time advocate of peace and non-violence and has worked with PeaceJourney to help orchestrate a youth summer of service program.  Scott has volunteered for other organizations including Hands of Peace, Heifer International and The Peace Alliance with contributions ranging from teaching yoga to youth and lobbying the Chicago City Council and the US Congress to sponsor the creation of a cabinet level Department of Peace.  He also published the book Katya's Comet that chronicles his family's adoption of 6-1/2 year old Katya from Russia. Currently serves as content advisor/editor and Board liason.

Helene Henn South Africa

The Ben

“Mix the best ingredients of Shania Twain, Britney Spears, Christina Aquilera, Mariah Carey and Alanis Morrisette together with SA roots and you have the talented Helene Henn”  - Vroue Keur, 28 June 2000.


Helene Henn is a multi-talented singer/songwriter, Helene Henn, sings lead and backing vocals and plays acoustic guitar and keyboards. Coming from a musical background and brought up in a family of musicians, Helene learned to sing as a child, doing her first performance at the age of 5. Under the guidance and training of her parents, both of whom where music teachers and well-known performers in their own right, Helene went from being a child prodigy to becoming a ‘star’ of this musical family. Helene has had much experience performing solo, duo and together with various bands both as lead singer and backing vocalist.  She has also done much session work for other artists both live and on recordings.  Her style is influenced by many different artists. She is able to perform quiet ballades, by artists such as Celine Dion, as well as heavier rock songs by artists such as Avril Lavigne. She writes and sings in both English and Afrikaans. Classical music, contempory ballades, blues, rock and jazz, Helene can do them all with grace, finesse and confidence.


Helene possesses “one of the most beautiful voices in the current SA music scene as well as a pretty formidable songwriting talent.”




Ben Mugisha [Principal]—In 2008, The Ben became Rwanda's first music superstar with his breakout R&B hit, Amaso Ku Maso. After that auspicious beginning, the trajectory of his music career continued to rise as one new hit replaced another. 


He was recognized as Best R&B Singer of the Year at the prestigious Salax Music Awards in 2009. In 2010 he again received the award for Best R&B Singer of the Year as well as the country's top music prize, Best Male Artist. Subsequent to moving to the United States in 2010, he collaborated with Detroit based Mike-E Ellison, Hip Hop and spoken word recording artist, on yet another #1 hit in Rwanda, Turikumwe. link Working with PressOne Entertainment, he has produced two new music videos—I'm in Love and the Rwandan gospel favorite, Nzarimba Igitangaza. 


The popularity of I'm in Love, released in October 2012, led to the creation of a new music category at the 2012 Salax Music Award Presentations in Rwanda. The Ben is the first ever recipient of Award for Best Music Artist in the Diaspora. PressOne is thrilled to have The Ben on board.


Jeannette Barcelos Kravitz

Jeannette Barcelos-Kravitz, Founder sponsorKIDS Charities 501c3 Executive Director, Chief Navigator of Peace Journey International Youth Exchange Programs and Productions founded in 2000.    Corporate operations and partnership leader, photographer, Telly Documentary Award winning  editor/producer, artist relations, published author, sponsorship acquisition and event production. 

Mimi Machado-Luces

TVA Media Productions, Ltd. LLC. is an Award winning media company founded by Miriam Machado-Luces in 1993. Specializing in Multicultural targeted Marketing and Content; TVAMedia infuses "diverse" or multicultural programming with a deep commitment to authenticity. Our mission is to effect the manner in which all content targeting diaspora audiences is constructed at it's root.  


Watch the Future of Storytelling 2014 

TVA Media's ultimate goal is to create content that ads to our story as human beings regardless of race, creed or culture. We are a people; filled with the strength of our ancestors, in which we can possess and exhibit great pride. This knowledge is the essence of TVA Media.

2005 EMMY Award; 1996 Best of 25 Years Telly, 1998 SIlver Telly, 2000 Bronze Telly, 2002 Bronze Telly, 2003 Silver Telly, 2004 SIlver Telly, 2006 SIlver Telly


Yuri Lane

Jeff Grossberg

Yuri Lane is an actor and human beatbox based in Chicago.  He is classically trained in theater, has extensive experience performing in improv, and is the star of three solo hip-hop pieces.  Along with his solo shows – MeTube, Soundtrack City, and From Tel Aviv to Ramallah – Yuri is internationally known as the pioneer of beatbox harmonica, a blend of Chicago Blues and Hip-Hop.  He has over 15 million views on YouTube.  To find out more about Yuri's work, log on to


Jeff Grossberg is a musician, song writer, visual artist, and serial entrepreneur with a sustainability focus.  As a natïve Chicagoan, Jeff was raised on the blues and jazz, developing a unique harmonica style with the stage name Hyper Harp (  Jeff directed his music skills to electronic dance and pop material, touring various parts of world performing with well-known DJs and other main stream artists. 


Today, Hyper Harp is working on an expanded stage show aimed at a global market. With a past visual arts background, Jeff is sculpting various stage pieces for the Hyper Harp show that involves the fusion of art with technology.  This includes a 15 foot light suit and cutting edge midi-controller. 


As an entrepreneur, Jeff has made early entry into emerging markets such as the internet (1995), mobile marketing (2005), and green biz (2006). Jeff continues to pursue key innovations in the green space that will make a difference.  Jeff is the director of a non-for-profit called Green World Alliance (      

TeamKidsWorld Advisory Board


Celebrity Advisors

Barbara & Lamont Dozier Famed MoTown Writer, Singer

Heather Graham NYTimes Best Selling Author

Mandla Mandela Eldest Grandson Nelson Mandela

Susan Sarandon Actress Producer

Fiona Hood Stewart International Author


Public Relations & Social Media

Scott Roos  JUNO Lighting VP Product Design

Natalie Pappas  Intern


Legal & Accounting

Winston & Strawn LLP  Brian Heidelberg

Ronald Kravitz Law Offices of Ronald Kravitz, Of Counsel, Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller & Shah, LLP


Artists, Film Media & Artist Management

JL Kirkwood  Chicago’s #1 Spoken Word Artist 2013 Jeff Grossberg  Muscian Technical Expertise

Peyton Torcherman Musician Songwriter

Yuri Lane  Actor Human Beatbox

Rocco Cataldo  Director  Producer

The Ben  Rwanda Hip Hop

Helene Henn South African Singer Songwriter

George Goetschel Musician Education Global Youth Exchange


Volunteer Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board continues to build as interest in our work broadens. Amazing people provide time and expertise in specific areas to help us grow.

At sponsorKIDS Charities, we are always interested in speaking to people interested in taking part in building our team of experts,  with primariy focus on 

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