BOOK- Peace Journey, Seven Paths to a Charmed Life

Author:       Jeannette Barcelos Kravitz


Genre:         Social Change thru Experiences, Music, Art and Activism


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Imagine a world where our hearts are filled as we give back and where good deeds done inspire change!  


Follow the Peace Journey and adventures of one small town, Midwest gal who against all odds, traveled the world on a mission to do good deeds, sharing seven personal stories, wisdom learned and inspiring each reader to share their own personal stories, issues and inspirations.


The goal is to create a new tapestry through storytelling of positive human deeds, as we work to reshape the American Spirit today, exploring 7-Paths we might take on 7-Issues, inspiring personal journals and 1-Million small acts of goodness, leading to 1-Million chances for a charmed life that will have a positive impact in our communities for the next seven generations.


The Seventh Generation principle is based on an ancient Iroquoian philosophy that every decision we make today must result in a sustainable world seven generations into the future.  


And the ground we walk on really belongs to future generations.


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