A Brighter  FUTURE

Ellie's Story on Her PeaceJourney in Marrakesh 

Taking Pride in Girl Leadership


It was March and we were on a once and a lifetime PeaceJourney trip with students to exotic Morocco to report on the culture and bring the stories back home. 


As the exotic sites and smells whirled around us while waiting for lunch to be served,  I looked over and for the 3rd time, I saw one of our student travelers named Ellie in tears.  It was a tough call.  At 16 years old and confident as all get out, I didn’t want to disturb her private moment.  But it was the 3rd time and I thought the 3rd time was supposed to be the charm.  So I went for it. 

“Ellie, are you OK?” I asked.  I knew this girl. Back in her tough Chicago neighborhood I had a hard time finding her parents to sign so we could get her passport and bring her on this trip. 


I knew she hadn’t been living at home, but couch surfing with a list of friends and relatives.  She responded to me about the tears and her reply stopped me in my tracks.  I felt my own tears well up as she said, "Mrs. Kravitz, I've never seen poverty like here and I should be doing so much better, and I’m going to change everything, try harder, and change my future when I get back home.”


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