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Rock The Castle Song

Liel & Klaus Minor - Oh Sweet Child
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"My professional experiences with known musicians, celebrities and artists, proves to me there's nothing like music and art forms to impact people's hearts.  Musicians & artists will tell you that music is their lifeline to sanity, happiness and peace." 


Jeannette B.K.



Inspiring The World With Our Songwriting, Voice & Music Talents

 Week-Long Songwriting Camp

Celebrity Mentoring, Judging Night

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  • Hosted by  professional musicians and celebrity guest artists & mentors,

  • Songs are themed around the travel experience.  Inspired moving songs from a variety of music genres created, recorded, judged, and best-of performed at events.

  • This new music & more will be performed and viewed by Satellite Webcast & Live Events, supported by a robust PR Campaign, paid advertising and more and supporting our work at PeaceJourney sponsorKIDS 501c3.

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