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The #CanUDIGitEARTH Challenge 

Once your submission to the CanUDIGit.EARTH challenge qualifies, your planting and eco-actions will continue living online, giving you the opportunity to share the evolution of your work with kids and adults around the world.


Together, we will be monitoring how all the plants in the challenge contribute to carbon capture. 

  • What will the Measurable Positive Impact from this challenge be, when such a large number of new plants are added to our ecosystems? Let’s find out!

  • Youth will get to meet and interact with youth, Indigenous Wisdom Leaders and Guest Environmental Leaders about how nature works and much more.


Join this exploration-based experience for Kids, where you can accomplish meaningful goals in collaboration with new friends online.


Co-created by Youth Travel Teams and Planet Pilots to inspire curiosity and action.


Register for the CanUDIGit.Earth Challenge to receive an invitation to co-create the World’s Largest Garden.

(Parental approval required). Follow your national youth guidelines. We sure will!


About Planet Pilots:


Planet Pilots are kids and teens co-creating a Healthy Planet Managed by Empowered Kids.


The Planet Pilots Empowerment Hub is an online space for kids from around the world to embark on a journey of personalized learning & acquiring real-world experience.


Instead of acquiring academic achievements, Planet Pilots acquire new, empowering beliefs, they apply their uniqueness, engage in real-world accomplishments and with their teams develop symbiosis with technology and nature. 

Email us for more updates, news and Info: 

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