The #CanUDIGit.EARTH Challenge

The Virtual Garden Project will simulate in a virtual space all of the infinite diversity of life and its interconnectedness.

All qualified Videos Submissions into #CanUDIGitEARTH by Youth ages 3-18*will be Invited into This Virtual Global Garden Where They can Meet and interact with Youth. Guided by Indigenous Wisdom Leaders and Guest Environmental Leaders

From Around The Planet. 

This growing coalition of youth planet advocates will work together to find exciting solutions to regenerate our planet. 


An Exploration-Based Learning Experience for Kids

Co-created by Peace Youth Travel Teams and Planet Pilot to inspire curiosity, inquiry and physical movement, like the EarthJUMP project.  He we work together towards understanding how nature works and the role that our actions, ideas and decisions play as we connect globally.


Through a variety of mini-games and creative content, the virtual space provides a playful opportunity for team collaboration and exploration at the same time.


Each garden will bring different experiences to the kids.  We invite you to join us to make sure every kid understands WHY it is important to be conscious of the world we live in.

Watch For Updates Soon!  

(Parental approval required. Follow your national youth guidelines. We sure will!

New World

Email:  info@CanUDIGit.Earth


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