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Grandmothers Are Calling for All Daughters to RISE

When is introduced to valuable, creative information that can empower us to care for our earth, we want to share with all of you! Please take a moment to hear this powerful performance piece by Lisa Rafel.

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"Women own less than 20% of the world’s land — and less than 10% in developing nations [1].

It’s time to change that."

Daughters for is calling on women to become custodians of the earth’s land in order to preserve it.

Daughters for Earth has commissioned in-depth research on the relationship between women and climate change.

Women Care More

Women are 36% more likely to be concerned about climate change than men are.

Women care more about sustainability efforts than men do. 80% to 85% of all consumer decisions in a heterosexual relationship are made by the woman, things like which energy company to choose, how much meat the family will eat, and how to manage waste.

Women are affected by climate issues more than men are. 80% of all people displaced by climate change are women. There is a psychological link between perceptions of femininity and being environmentally conscious.

Women are environmentally active but more so on a personal level. They recycle, sign petitions, and donate before they attend a community meeting or a campaign for policy change.

On a personal level, green consumerism is of more importance than ever, specifically in the self-care and beauty sectors.

Women are the ones who can get it done now. It’s time to take this to a bigger stage … … like the world.

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