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She started off as a file clerk and ended up fighting back against poisons being dumped into our groundwater. Back in 2000, Hollywood made a movie about her. Now, Erin Brockovich has written an important new book called, “Superman is Not Coming.” Growing Bolder’s Marc Middleton and Bill Shafer talk to her about how anyone can make a difference and we’re all more powerful than we think. ....GROWING BOLDER

The Hollywood film about Erin is a standout about living a principled life and a life of purpose and ACTION. Personally, I can't escape being the same way since I was a young kid.

One of the first acts I recall vividly as a teen was saving a dog in our country town who had been tied to a tree for 3-days without food or water. I found an old hub cap and filled it with water, gave the dog some food, but on day three, I rescued the dog and left a note. I remember my friend was with me and was appalled I would 'steal' a dog, but I never questioned I was saving her life. When the owner returned home he lambasted me for intruding on his rights to leave his dog however he chose. I told him not to do it again.

Yes, I have always had a mouth on me when it comes to human rights and people, planet and peace.

During the 1968 riots in Cincinnati as a young teen, I drove through burned out areas because I had to see for myself what we were doing to the blacks there. Some of them were our family friends from my dad's work at the GM automobile plant. I remember that I wasn't afraid. I went home and wrote a short story about love and respect for humankind. My teacher, Mr. Johnson kept me after class to tell me this: "If you don't write, it will be a loss to the world." I had no guidance to know what to do with that information. All I knew was that 2 years earlier, the farm town I grew up in had burned a cross in our one and only black students yard. That incident affected me deeply and I knew I had to use my voice.

All of this shaped my life as an activist.

I hope Erin's audio story above inspires you as much as it does me.


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