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Find Your Video Title:  What statement do you want to convey?

Title your story. Take a look at YouTube for ideas and inspiration.

Plan before you record.  Think about the best way to share your story.  What do you want us to know and see?  What are the most important components to share?

Use your Smart phone!  Just make sure the format is compatible for submission.

Make sure your video is clear and audible.  Limit background noise and make sure we can see the video.

Don't limit your creativity! Consider how you want to share your story. 

What is the most impactful way to communicate your message?  Hand written signs? Guest, youth guests, gardening tools.  Use your creativity.

Don't read from a script.  Be natural and speak from your heart.  Show more than tell.

Statement of impact.  What makes your story and approach compelling? How is what you are sharing making a noticeable difference for the world?

Don't cram content.  You only have 90 seconds.  Make each one count.

Edit if necessary.  Video editing software apps like iMovie, or online editors like, or  Your video does not need to be edited to be accepted!




  1. Videos cannot exceed 60 seconds

  2. Maximum file size: 1.5 BG

  3. SHOOT from your SmartPhone

  4. Accepted file types include: MP4, MOV, AVI, MPG, 3GP, FLV, WEBM, WMV, MKV, M4V

  5. Upload video to 

  6. See ENTRY GUIDELINES HERE  Please do not link your video through any other applications. 





Details: What We Are Looking For:

For each entrant to make 90 Second video that promotes, celebrates, or teaches us how you are planting or replanting in soil to regenerate carbon. Your video submission really requires a minimal investment of time and effort. 

  • REQUIREMENTS All photo & video submissions must reference (Hashtag) #CanUDigitEARTH campaign. Just write #CanUDIGitEARTH on a piece of white paper.

  • (VIDEO OPTION: Create a Title Slide with this Hashtag #CanUDIGitEARTH for your Video ...just be sure the video is not over 60 seconds.)

  • The creative approach taken on this assignment is at your discretion. (More Tips on Entry Steps Create Share (Click)


  • Content: How original, practical, and or/inspirational is the message?

  • Creativity: How engaging, amusing, or effective is the presentation?

  • Clarity: How clear and understandable is the instruction or message?


An important note, we do not discriminate on age, location, social status, gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual designation.  The world is made of beautiful people and we’d love to hear from everyone.  Just follow our guidelines!

The power of our writing and visual goes hand in hand with responsibility. 

  • Make sure that you’re supporting other people and cultures through your messages and images rather than pulling them down.  The types of content that will be removed from the site include but are not limited to:​

  • Anything that may be deemed hurtful, defamatory or discriminatory in nature

  • Anything deemed explicit or gratuitously violent

  • Anything referencing self-arm

  • Any commercial posts or spam

  • Plagiarism

  • Persona contact information, including user names on social media or other platforms.  This is to protect the privacy of our entrants.

  • Links to any external websites

  • Any entry with content that violates our terms or goes against our standards and guidelines, we will disqualify the submission.

  • All submissions become the sole property of sponsorKIDS Charities 501c3 Nonprofit and can be used to further promote the movement for climate renewal.

#CanUDIGit.EARTH Challenge


Phone: 312-573-1113 Chicago/USA

Registered Charity:

sponsorKIDS Charities 501c3

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