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What is the Regeneration? created Challenges as a Global Campaign to uncover "best practices" for the regeneration of our planets biodiversity, led by young adults, working together to write stories in video format, enter the "Challenges" and allow us to share the top best practices with the world. This Regeneration effort is led by our video storytelling entrants we call EarthSTARS Impact Alumni.


Our "6" Challenge Topics Focuses on:

  • Regenerating soil, share permaculture knowledge.

  • Change to EVs, electrification vs. fossil fuels,

  • Encourage the built/Architectural industries to work harder to get LEED Certified & more green public and private spaces

And are Energized by Visual Art, Photos, Song, Dance, Spoken Poetry, Narrative and Design.

Our goal is to take these global hot-topic climate issues from ideas to active solutions by creating a global network of Video Best Earth Practices Infused with Creative Arts and then,Share with the World.


 We Are The New REGeneration

 Expressing Healing Earth in Actions 

Spreading Love

And Giving Our Planet A Regenerative Chance to Thrive Again.

We Come from All Corners of Our Planet

Woman, Man and Child

Indigenous Peoples Across All Lands

All Seeding the Earth with Hope

We are Humans taking a Global Regenerative Stance.




Seasoned & New Grower Enthusiasts!

#CanUDIGitEARTH Challenge

Welcomes Everyone to Plant & Connect to Earth!

Youth, Adults, Farmers, Climate Change-makers, ECO-Celebrities, Indigenous Leaders,

Sports Enthusiasts, Master Gardeners & Universities,

Architects, EV Auto Builders, Electrification in General,

Green Jobs Educators, BIG VEG Enthusiasts,

Horticulturists, Musicians,

Artists and Protectors of the Beauty of Our Planet Earth. Veterans Who Grow & Healing Garden Enthusiasts.

Recommend Watching Kiss the Ground Documentary with Woody Harrelson and Jason Mraz, Organic Grower and Grammy Award Winner! 

The NEW Global 

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