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At sponsorKIDS, We'll  Focus CanUDIGit.Earth 2024 - 2027 Video Storytelling Challenges Start withTopics of:   


Soil - EVs - Architecture & Green Spaces

To Help Regenerate Our Planet to Get2Net Zero.

These 3-Topics Impact Everyone on Earth.

We invite you to Explore the Vast Array of Information

on SEA's Below & Online


(Regenerative Gardening, Farming, Food)

RE-generate soil.     RE-stored fertility.     RE-generate ecosystems.     RE-establish permaculture practices

You, Me & All Our Friends Join in as We Share this Challenge to  Build Healthy Soils & Scale,

Drawing Down Enough Carbon through Planting Seeds & Plants to

Prevent a Catastrophic Climate Crisis. 

And carbon storage isn’t soil’s only Superpower!

The ways that soil stands to positively impact the lives of billions worldwide are tangible and immediate:  And, Gardening is Good for You!

Planting seeds &'s not just the food that you grow, but the actual ACT of gardening itself and rebuilding our soil in the process.

And science is finally validating this truth. Most of the people who live beyond 100 years have gardening in common… and they live longer and with less stress.

Now more than ever is a time to prioritize not only your health but your quality of life for yourself, your communities, your families in this global effort to regenerate the earth's soil.

The good news is that almost anybody can grow plants and trees and have a vibrant story to tell,

no matter where you live on Planet Earth.  (Planting Map By Hemisphere HERE) Logo Plants.jpeg


& Electrification


  • Electric Vehicles are retrofitting of autos and all transportation vehicles  is changing the world..  According to EarthJustice, the largest source of climate pollution in the world is transportation. 

  • To solve the climate crisis, we need to make the vehicles on our roads as clean as possible. We have only a decade left to change the way we use energy to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

  • Emissions from cars and trucks are not only bad for our planet, they’re bad for our health. Air pollutants from gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles cause asthma, bronchitis, cancer, and premature death. 

  • Electric vehicles have a smaller carbon footprint than gasoline powered cars, no matter where your electricity comes from.

  • Through their entire lifetimes, electric cars are better for the climate.

Electric vehicles can charge up at home, at work, while you're at the store!

You can read the article in detail here at EarthJustice! 

EV Image.jpeg


(Green Spaces, Water, Built Industry)


  • As every architect should know, buildings consume some 40 percent of the energy in the U.S. annually, and they emit nearly half of the carbon dioxide (CO2), through greenfield development, cement production, and the burning of fossil fuels such as oil, gas, and coal.ore!

  • As businesses and governments grapple with how to approach climate change, the field of architecture faces a monumental opportunity—and some might argue an immense responsibility—to make an impact

  • While the Climate Goals for 2030  are lofty, one roadblock is that participation is still optional, and for now it’s up to individual firms (and people) to push for progress and to self-repo

You can read the article in detail here at Architectural Digest

Architecture image.jpeg

Together, We Build the  RE generation

engaging youth to creatively lead

to Regenerate the planets biodiversity.


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