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Since 2000 sponsorKIDS Charities 501c3 has Sponsored

Over 200 Student Environmental PeaceJourney Ambassadors Traveling to

Romania (Bucharest Constanta) Morocco  (Casablanca, Rabat, Fez, Marrakesh) Germany (Goslar, Hanover. Hamburg) Hawaii (Kauai, Kona, Oahu, Maui) Africa (Arusha, Tanzania) Guadalajara, Panama & Guatemala, St.  Lucia 

 Our Youth Global Travel Teams Are Passionate About Climate Change.

Here Kids Address Local and International Climate Issues. 

Youth Protecting the Environment in

Both Live and Online Environmental Education & Experiences

  • We Energize Interest in Next GENERATION Environmental Career Paths.

  • We Create and Invite You To Join Us In Fun Climate Challenges & Workshops 

  •  As We Work Together to Replenish Our Soils & Promote Permaculture on Earth. 

Youth Leadership in Protecting the Environment is Key to Getting Back to A Healthy Planet.

Here We Can Teach Kids About Sustainability and Invite Teachers, Parents and Students including

Homeschooling Kids at Home in Science Activities, Travels and Environment Fun Challenges.

 How Can We Teach Kids about the Environment?

  • Each Girl-Led Trip is Designed to Create Next Generation Leadership on Environmental Issues, Get kids Started on Fun Sustainability Activities,  Encouraging Safe Sustainability Science Experiments that are Kid Friendly and Learning about Carbon Sequestration Techniques.

  • Links to Environmental Education Resources, CanUDIGit.earth Challenges  (The Best Climate Challenges in Video, Audio and Photography using Music, Environmental Songwriting, Dance & Choreography and the Arts for Student Engagement), Leading  Kids to Get Passionate About Climate Change and Doing Projects to Help Heal our Earth.  Think: Songs for Soil Regeneration as Moving Pop Culture to Care for the Planet!

  • Award Winning DocuShorts, Radio Podcast & TV Interviews, Social Media and Blogs Stories as Well as Songwriting Music Camps & Events Create Real Time Personal Travel Adventure Stories in Our Quest to

  • Find New Paths to Peace, Careers in Eco-sustainability, Social Media Environmental Activities for Students  & Exposure to Jobs in Media & the Arts.

  • Climate Reality Leadership Corp Training Certification Keeps Us on Top of Climate Youth Education.

  • Quick Look at Short Video and Trip History HERE.

"'Restore connection' is not just for devices, it is for people too. If we cannot disconnect, we cannot lead." -Arianna Huffington

Our Mission


We want and need the earth to regenerate. Through fun global climate challenges and awards programs, we work together to develop a ‘cure’ for our sick planet through soil regenerative practices. 


Branded as EarthSTARS, we will build global EarthSTARS Alumni groups to challenge each citizen on every continent of planet earth to join this fun, engaging global club of growers. Led by girls and youth, entrants share with us their stories of planting edibles and trees in a variety of engaging online challenges. Their unique stories, videos and photos are showcased on EarthSTARS website to be voted on and shared with the world.


As we plant and replenishing carbon dioxide in our soil, what emerges is a mosaic from seven continents of a culture of planet-caregivers.  This culture includes advocates of all ages and nationalities working for a healthy planet, sharing modern and indigenous best practices, promotion of environmental studies & careers while growing communities of climate ambassadors supported by earth events and conferences.


Our Vision

Our vision is to engage and empower people to plant plants and trees to get carbon back in the soil, while drawing on permaculture and indigenous environmental wisdom and customs as our NorthStar.


Each year from United Nations Water Day, Mother Earth Day to World Soil Day, EarthSTARS promotes six or more uniquely fun themed challenges. We focus on youth engagement and adult interactions, with fresh new themes and a chance to share ongoing stories of how plant growing communities are expanding through food growing practices.


EarthSTARS provides the software platform and program, promoted by public outreach, PR, Influencers, Media, and Social Media to attract large numbers of story submissions led by global youth organizations, moms, gardeners, eco-educators and more.


We showcase and share the uploaded stories of plant and tree growing in audio, photos and videos in a gallery on our website. Our platform showcases the entrant’s talents to the world in this visually appealing manner, challenging friends and families to join with their own planting stories, sharing and voting.  Our work is to tell the empowering stories of who is growing what, why and where on the planet and chart results of soil regeneration over time.


Top entries are chosen through People’s Choice voting and Special Guest Judges. Global Awardees are then celebrated at EarthSTARS Alumni Award Ceremonies. Entrants are invited to Permaculture Workshops and Community events, too. Key to our success is capturing data and building community from the personal stories shared, as we invite further examination of data by top soil and permaculture educators.


And, in the near future as nations continue to explore space, we encourage environmental exploration as we work to create virtual spaces and games for students to meet and explore our planets health and future.


And soon, once travel is safe again, EarthSTARS will join our youth travel eco-adventures at PeaceJourney.com to meet in person to share our stories and successes and further explore the needs of our planet.

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