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History & Highlights

Quick Video: PeaceJourney Trips & Celebrities


PeaceJourney Co-Production with BET TV

2023 & Beyond

Launching with Six Challenges for 2023-2024 And Six Annually, Thereafter. 

CUDI SEA.JPEG Cultural Exchange adventures partner with NGOs on student led travels, devoting our programs to peace and sustainability, growing gardens with youth and focusing on soil regeneration, soil health and biodiversity care. 
We have traveled with over 200 American Students to eleven (11) international destinations to date.

When COVID arrived in the world, our trip to South Africa 2020 had to be put on hold.  We decided to put our energy into developing an online-challenge called where young adults and multi-generations are invited to connect with earth through storytelling and the arts, depicting hopes and work necessary to help preserve  our planet.

We invite everyone to join in this effort of online storytelling, voting, special promotional events and Award Ceremonies as we build EathSTARS Impact Alumni, g
PEACEJOURNEY.COM FUTURE: Teaming up with existing UN ECOSOC programs like the PeaceBoat, allows PeaceJourney to become part of a larger peace effort, joining thousands of other student
s traveling to connect on earth-projects with other marginalized youth around the globe.  We focus efforts on visual arts youth-led stories in video, complimented by song, narrative storytelling, dance, music, poetry and design, while capturing and documenting our work on film, uncovering and  sharing best earth practices to share with the world. This is the Challenge Series.

In keeping with PeaceJourney missions, the PeaceBoat's supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Please contact us for PeaceJourney travel updates, student applications to join our next trips & volunteer opportunities. Challenges Entry information is found Here.
We'd love to connect with you on Corporate Matching Fund ideas, Workplace Volunteer Programs, Corporate Sponsorship and Grants opportunities for these exciting PeaceJourney Education Programs, EcoTrips and Challenges.  We Welcome Your Inquiry. (GO TO THE DONATION PAGE for OTHER WAYS YOU CAN ENGAGE)
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