Schools & Youth Groups to Date:

Gary Comer College Prep

Walter Payton High School

Latin School

Kennedy King High School

Roberto Clemente School

Maryland Central High School

And More In The Works!

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A Brighter FUTURE For Youth And Our Planet!

Since 2000, we have sponsored Live Cultural Exchange Global Trips and Experiences for American Youth, Focused on Projects That Include Building Computer Labs in Schools, Growing Gardens, Learning About Soil Regeneration and the World of Permaculture.


And there have been many fun,

firsts during our Youth Travels!

1st Ever Airplane Trip & Passport, 

Riding a Camel in the Atlas Mountains,

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro,

Playing Soccer with Students in Casablanca, Where Together with Community We Grew a Beautiful Community Garden,  

Growing an Eco-Garden led by Guatemala Students,

 Learning Music from Locals & Celebrity, Songwriting Camps,

Adventures & Learning are All Part of

Our Amazing Student Journeys!

PeaceJourney Travels To Date:

  • Romania (Bucharest Constanta)

  • Morocco  (Casablanca, Rabat, Fez, Marrakesh)

  • Germany (Goslar, Hanover. Hamburg)

  • Hawaii (Kauai, Kona, Oahu, Maui)

  • Africa (Arusha, Tanzania)

  • Guadalajara, Panama & Guatemala,

  • St.  Lucia 

Trips In-The-Works

  • Virtual Trips Until it's safe to travel again!  Starting in Patagonia, Chile.


Quick History As We Relive Trip Highlights

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Trips & Celebrities
PeaceJourney Cultural Exchange adventures partner with NGOs devoting their programs to peace and sustainability, growing gardens with youth and focusing on soil regeneration and permaculture education.
When COVID arrived in the world, our trip to South Africa 2021 had to be put on hold.  We decided to put our energy into developing an online-challenge called where youth and adults would be invited to connect with earth through planting and share their stories with the world in photos-videos and audio. 
We hope to engage thousands in this effort as we share stories of how best to heal our planets soil through replacing carbon where it is needed - back in the soil.  Planting both indoors and outdoors has been proven to have positive affects on health including mental health.
PLANTING & HEALTH:  Here's an interesting article from the Journal of Physiological Anthropology on how even indoor gardens can heal.  Research suggests that active interaction with indoor and outdoor plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress and promotion of comfortable, soothed, and natural feelings.
Here's another story on The Benefits of Gardening on Mental Health.  This knowledge led us to better understanding and the desire to work with both veterans who garden and also inmate gardening programs. as well.  These efforts combined with engaging young adults brings more peace to both sectors of the population.
PEACEJOURNEY.COM FUTURE: Teaming up with existing UN ECOSOC programs like the PeaceBoat, allows PeaceJourney to become part of a larger peace effort, joining thousands of other students, while focusing our talents on telling youth stories in song, narrative storytelling, music, and capturing and documenting our work on film and teaching guides.
In keeping with PeaceJourney missions, the PeaceBoat's supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Please contact us for PeaceJourney travel updates, student applications to join our next trips as well as volunteer opportunities. 
We'd love to connect with you on Corporate Matching Fund ideas, Corporate Sponsorship and Grants opportunities for these exciting PeaceJourney Education Programs & EcoTrips.  We Welcome Your Inquiry.