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Since 2000, We Have Places for Youth to Thrive as Leaders with a Special Girl-Power,

Traveling the Globe

As Peace & EcoSustainability  Ambassadors

Embracing Cultures, Sharing Adventures in Stories,

Media & Fun Challenges!

 Shared with Thousands in

Global Social Media.

2021 We Begin to Replenish the Earth's Soil, One Planet at a Time in our new Annual Campaign!

2021 Youth Plant Seeds & Trees 

To Grow the Worlds Largest Garden 

While Learning  Permaculture Techniques! & More!

Do you want to experience more grace and more humanity in the world?

Give youth a voice so they can be the change we all need to see and experience in the world.

You Can Claim Your Place Improving the  Lives of Youth! 


We make historic moments happen  in our student travelers' lives when exposed to new cultures, as they grasp the wider world, own their leadership capabilities and work to form a global community by shared experiences and media stories they can share. 

2021 Our New Campaign Let's Grow

The World's Largest Garden Challenges with this Years

Funds Going To Support Planting Gardens to Green Up The World. 


And the birth of EarthSTARS Alumni with a commitment to green up the world and repair our world's soil,

one plant at a time.

We welcome YOU as a One-time

Donor at any level!

The  EarthSTARS Culture Club Monthly Giving

Member Community

EarthSTARS Alumni Culture Club Donors are a determined group of monthly donors on a mission to bring peace to many more countries and communities in our lifetime.  People like you, giving anything they can to prove how unbeatable we are

when we work together. 

We welcome YOU to choose to be a CULTURE CLUB Monthly Donor at any level with PERKS GALORE!

The cumulative effect of our work together is designed to unite people around the world on common goals of peace and


  • Action oriented global trips for ecology

  • Girl-led project development  

  • Giving them voice through stories, videos, song, poetry 

  • inspiring careers and sharing  findings with the world.






EarthSTARS CULTURE CLUB MONTHLY MEMBER PERKS:  VIP Advance Event Notices, Special Priced Tickets, Online Celebrity Auctions, VIP Newsletter, New Perks Added So Check Back Often!

Are You Feeling

A Little More Generous?! 

Join Our EarthSTARS Culture Club Monthly Donor Community When You Make a Monthly Reoccurring Donation in ANY AMOUNT YOU DESIGNATE. 

You Can End Your Monthly Donation At Any Time!

Every Dollar Counts - Choose to Support A Travel Team

 You Can Help with Travel Expenses, Buy Gear and Distribute Youth's Stories through Media and Public Relations Efforts. Please Hit the Donate Button Where YOU Choose What You Feel Most Passionate About Supporting!

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Want to Mail-In Your Donation? 

Please Make Your Donation Payable to:  sponsorKIDS Charities 501c3

411 West Ontario Street

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Office Tel: 312-573-1113


Contributions to sponsorKIDS Charities are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law in your country. Your receipt will show our 501c3 Tax ID number.  If you have any questions about donating to us online, please send us an email or give us a call.

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sponsorKIDs Charities 501c3 established in 2000, thrives due to great leadership and personal individual donations of time and money from people like you, as we work to transform situations made by human injustices.


Our programs raise awareness and engage personal responsibility as we seek to empower more good deeds, one by one, in communities far and wide.  

The positive impact is driven by global youth travel adventures, highly impacting the way American youth lead and affecting the potential for peace for generations to come.

  • Volunteer,

  • Share Our Story with your friends and family,

  • Get Involved in Future Peace Alumni Camps,

  • Register to Travel as a Volunteer with our Global Youth Exchanges,

  • Donate Your Expertise for Our Documentary & Media Work,

  • Donate AirMiles to our Charity for Student Travel,

  • & Share Your Business Expertise and Fundraising Connections*


*Please Email Us Here to Request a Customized  Public Relations Marketing Plan, Engage in a Matching Grant Campaign with Your Company to Engage and Motivate Employees, Share Ideas for Corporate Sponsorship Partners as We  Design Fun Social and Celebrity Events, Too!  Call: 312-573-1113

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