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This Year is "Let's Get Started" Campaign: a Shout Out to People Around the Globe!

Unity Earth is an amazing mosaic of outstanding leaders from around the world working for love and change, respect for our planet, people and prosperity for all. I met them last year during World Unity Week and the Caravan for Unity Project that spanned the globe.

Personally, I have met so many thought leaders and I have been waiting for this call to action. This year's campaign is called "Let's Get Started". It's calling on people like you and I who can do one thing or amass community around projects that will help elevate life for everyone on the planet. The goal is equality. And I'm on board and hope you will be too.

(A Link to part of the communication from today's zoom below is below. I am hoping they will post the final hour soon and if so, I will come back and post that part of the presentation.)

Below is todays session on Video. There's speakers, prayer givers, music and spoken word. Please connect on Facebook and YouTube at Unity Earth to follow and find ways to help make our world a better place.

Just a Few Special Presenters

Anne Marie Voohoeve, Copenhagen The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation & Emergence

Ben Bowler, Founder, Melbourne Caravan of Unity and Unity Earth

Baba Israel, Brooklyn, NY & Aunkh Khem S'Maa, South Africa, Humanitarians and Spoken Word Artist

Thank you,

Jeannette Barcelos Kravitz


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