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Build your capacity to grow food and have a ridiculously good time while doing it!

“When you learn to tend a garden, it also nourishes you. There is no substitute for hyper local food grown by you and for you. To know how to sow and save seeds, tend to the soil, and sync with the cycles and rhythms of nature should be an essential skill understood by everyone.”

The Garden Club is a hope-filled, 3-week course PLUS ongoing monthly journey, full of resources and live sessions where you’ll learn how to garden & why it matters with expert guidance and community support. In addition to the course content, you’ll get access to live sessions with Q&A and a vibrant community of fellow gardeners to enjoy the journey with, through the seasons, year round.

We created The Garden Club so you can see, feel, touch and taste the connection that exists between story and soil in your daily life. This course is more than a “how-to” tutorial. It will inspire you to think deeper about how you connect with the land, develop food security, ensure your diet consists of the most nutrient dense food, and create impact within your own body, home, family, community, and far beyond.


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