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IFAD Annual Report 2020

International Farming Food Human Rights Poverty Hunger Report

Each day I try to balance my life with a dose of meditation, positive gratitude and realisim. Thankfulness overshelmes me when I read these reports. At our NGO I keep looking for simple ways I might help, while also focusing full time on our work at nonprofit and our youth farming soil regeneration challenge starting this year at You can sign up for a FREE SITE MEMBERSHIP at either website and we will work to keep you updated on our progresses.

And trust me....we will make great strides, one step at a time.

For now, I just ask everyone to take a minute and think about these statistics. And if there is anything you and your families can do to help, then please do it!

Here is the International Food report in its entirety. I realize it is difficult to face these realities, but one by one, I have experienced it can make a difference in even one person's life. Peace everyone.


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