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Rights of Nature Amendment to the Constitution with 86% Support in Florida. Telling it Like it is from a Bi-Partisan Point of View

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This honest interview with practical steps that can and must be taken for our planet, starting in Florida. Check out for more interviews to enlighten ourselves, friends and families on the work at hand to help save our planet.

“The citizens of Orlando Florida recently passed a Rights of Nature amendment to the Constitution with 86% Support. Now, Ken Russell wants a Rights of Nature amendment for the entire state of Florida. Republican-controlled Florida has been suffering from a slew of water issues, including toxic algae blooms, fish kills, and polluted rivers and streams. These issues have damaged fishing industries, respiratory health And tourism. As a result, Ken Russel, believes many Floridians are ripe for change. In addition to supporting Rights of Nature, Ken Russell aims to clean up the Clean Water Act on a national basis. This could have a ripple effect on many other environmental issues, including climate. “ ~ Aria McKenna


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