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This project brings together the perspectives of climate scientists, ecologists and concerned citizens from the Global South into educational, accessible and engaging materials. Our workshops seek to provide safe and supportive spaces for everyone to discuss the challenges of the climate and nature crisis.

We value the unique contributions of local communities and strive to incorporate diverse perspectives, including traditional knowledge, heritage and faith, into global, national, and local conversations about these critical issues.


Letters from the Global South was born out of a collaborative effort between Muslims Declare and Zero Hour. Crucially, we received invaluable advice and support from numerous organizations and individuals in countries including the UK, Kenya, Nigeria, Morocco, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Rwanda, South Africa and Zimbabwe.


Each event includes a facilitated 3-hour workshop. In the workshops, people connect with each other to develop initiatives they would like to run at a local level. The workshop has been carefully designed to foster a supportive environment where everyone can learn, share ideas, questions and experiences and come up with ideas to tackle climate change and restore nature locally in line with the principles of the CE Bill. The workshops are open to all, regardless of their prior knowledge of climate change.


Muslims Declare is a small, eclectic group of Muslims whose climate activism is motivated by their faith. Muslims Declare are committed to increase meaningful engagement with climate-nature policy among communities that are underrepresented in the climate movement, with a specific focus on Muslim communities. Over the years, Muslims Declare have collaborated with environmental activists all over the world, many of whom have helped make this exhibition a reality.


We travel to you and set up the exhibition and workshop in your community space or other suitable venue. If budget and availability allow, we can also arrange for light refreshments and provide participants with a pamphlet summarising the key takeaways from the event.


After the event, we offer members of your organization and wider community the opportunity to join a peer support network for those who would like to start a new environmental initiative or scale up an existing one. This network will meet regularly online to share knowledge, tips, and opportunities, with the aim of encouraging the growth and long-term sustainability of local and national initiatives centred around the principles of the CE Bill.

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