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  1. Let's Create Corporate Partnerships that are collaborative, branding forward, full of fun, positive events!

  2. In-the-Works: #CanUDIGitEarth Celebrity Chef Cook-Off , Permaculture Workshops, PeaceJourney Student Virtual Trips & More. 

  3. Create a Your Own Team of Employe Volunteers! 

  4. In-Kind Donations like Contest Prizes or Biz Services Like Social Media Marketing & Media, Public Relations, Celebrity Influencers Including Noted Chefs Continue to Join Us! ​

During the 2021 campaigns, we are doing outreach for sponsored donated prizes. .
If you would like to consider a prize donation, please contact
as soon as possible. 
Some prize categories we would love to see include:
Travel vouchers, gift certificates for planting tools, organic seeds, greenhouses gift certificates from gardening stores, environmental education sessions and more.  We of course know everyone loves electronics, TVs, Cooking Classes, Cooking tools, Music Classes, Writing Classes, Video Training and more.  
As you consider donating, remember, this is a GLOBAL Contest
and all shipping will be the responsibility of you, the donor.




Contact Us for More Info.

Full List of Sponsors Over The Years

 NonProfit Collaborations

 Youth Leadership & Girl-Led Programs, Veterans Growing Groups, 

Healing Garden Enthusiasts, Horticulturists, Master Gardeners, Universities & More



(Confirmed and In-the-Works)

  • United Nations Peace Boat- ECOSOC Program

  • United Nations Association of the USA-Chicago 

  • United Nations Women - Chicago Chapter

  • Climate Reality Project

  • SunriseMOVEMENT

  • Seeds of Peace

  • Climate Reality Project  

  • United Nations Peace Boat- ECOSOC Program

  • UN WOMEN United Nations Organization-Chicago

  • Photographers Without Borders

  • Global Voices International

  • Global Youth Service Day

  • Guitars Over Guns 

  • Veterans Growing Gardens

  • Healing Gardeners 

  • Earth Institute Columbia College

  • Master Gardeners University Horticulture Programs


We are Continually Building Alliances, Volunteers, and Non-Profit Agencies

As We Grow Opportunities For More Youth To Travel with the PeaceJourney Program,

Grow the World's Largest Garden and Revitalize our Earth's Soil. 

Please Reach Out to Us To Find Ways We can Work Together.

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PeaceBoat Round
Kiss The Ground LOGO
WOMEN IN FILM Chicago Jeannette
Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 10.43.24 AM
PeaceBoat Round
Kiss The Ground LOGO
WOMEN IN FILM Chicago Jeannette


We Simply Can't Do Our Work Without All of You! 

Please Contact Us and Join The Fun & Meaningful Work!

  • Volunteers Without Borders

  • Photographers Without Borders

  • UN Voluntters Organization

Over 20 Years of Great Sponsors, Volunteers, Celebrities. Songwriters,

Music Tours, Event Producers

 Have Made our Work sponsorKIDS Charities Possible! 



20 Year History of Advisors

Celebrity Influence, PSAs, Social Media

Barbara & Lamont Dozier Famed MoTown Writer, Singer

Singer Heather Graham NYTimes Best Selling Author

Jimmy Jam, Loretta Devine, Kirk Franklin

Mandela Mandela Eldest Grandson Nelson Mandela

Susan Sarandon Actress Producer

Fiona Hood Stewart International Author


Public Relations & Media

Black Entertainment TV

Legal & Accounting

Ronald Kravitz Law Offices of Ronald Kravitz, Of Counsel,

Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller & Shah, LLP

Artists, Film Media & Artist Management

JL Kirkwood  Chicago’s #1 Spoken Word Artist 

Jeff Grossberg  Musician, Technical Expertise 

Peyton Torcherman, Musician Songwriter

Yuri Lane  Actor Human Beatbox

Rocco Cataldo,  Director  Producer

The Ben, Rwanda Hip Hop International Artist

Helene Henn, South African Singer Songwriter

Email:  info@CanUDIGit.Earth


Registered Charity:

sponsorKIDS Charities 501c3

Leadership Corps
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