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Cutting the CO2 from Human Generated Carbon

This article explains in the clearest terms how Carbon cycles work.

Every discussion dealing with climate change - no matter the topic, no matter who is giving it - is ultimately associated with one of the components of the carbon cycle. Tax policies favoring renewable energy? Stopping the building of a natural gas pipeline? Changing building codes for greater energy efficiency? Having a US Federal mandated Clean Energy Standard? Carbon taxes? Carbon capture and storage? Purchasing an electric vehicle (EV)? Investing in public charging stations for EVs? All these questions are all associated with cutting the CO2 from human generated carbon. Reversing deforestation? Tree planting? Regenerative agriculture? We are talking about restoring/increasing the Earth's ability to take in more CO2 from the atmosphere.

This article lays it out. The Carbon Cycle is the center of it all

Jul 22, 2021 In The Relationship Between Energy and Climate Change, I briefly mentioned the carbon cycle. The carbon cycle is the center to everything associated with decarbonization. Every topic discussed - by technologists, economists, politicians, activists, deniers, lawyers, bureaucrats, and even people that don't know what they are talking about - leads back to a component of the carbon cycle. Therefore, understanding it - even from a high level - provides insight to what is being said and provides you with an opportunity to come up with your own thoughts. So let's go over the carbon cycle.

I provide two depictions. One was previously presented in The Relationship Between Energy and Climate Change. The other is from the UCAR Center for Sciencthe UCAR Science Education (UCAR SciEd).


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