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Going Up on a Splitboard. The Phycology of Nature. Connecting to It.

PeaceJourney (.com) on the search for beauty, connection and care for Mother Nature.

"Going up on a splitboard, slow by nature, you start to gaze around. With not much to do, your mind wanders freely.” Intrigued by a deep connection with nature, Patagonia ambassador Nicholas Wolken spent time in the Swiss mountains with his splitboard, good friends and an open mind. He shares his story in Patagonia's new film: Turn of Mind." Artist: Ai Ai Gasa Songs: Unseen/ Osorno Right owners: : Florent Chronie-De Maria / Jeremy Villecourt

Growing up in a beautiful part of Ohio, there was always this deep connection I felt with nature. I remember when working at Warnerton Farms, I would have to drive about 9 miles to get there, and I would purposely take the long way, through the winding forests and over creeks and valleys. By the time I got to the horse farm, I felt rejuvenated. Almost as if earth had lifted me up to face the day.

This amazing story of "splitboarding" reminds me of that deep connection with nature and this film reminds me that consumerism isn't totally necessary. I gave up buying things a long time ago as a way to slow pollution on earth. After finishing the Climate Reality training recently, I was faced with so many truths. Time is running out for each of us. And as I have always said, extinction is not just for dinosaurs.

We don't need to be afraid of the future, but I do believe that the best way to face fear is with action. I am asking my readers to pick something you can do for Mother Earth that you are passionate about. And find one part you can play to make that situation better. Not all of us can take on the world, but all of us can do one kind thing for our home. Our planet.

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SplitBoarding Film short here:

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