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Jim Belushi Leads The"Sweet Home Chicago" Effort Supporting Arts For Illinois for Peace & Security

During C-19 (COVID19) few things move me like music and supporting those artists is critical to the future of dance, stages, singers, composers, directors, promoters and venues across the great city of Chicago and the State of Illinois.

Arts organizations must survive. It is our joy and our expression and interpretation of life. Please give a little (or a lot!).

Arts are also over a trillion dollar industry and vital to our world economy.

Artists include Jim Peterik and More!

Thank you all for sharing your amazing art!

Created by:

HMS media Scott Silverstien

Artists from around the world have traveled to Chicago and around Illinois to perform. Artists are innovative and reinvent themselves in times like this and will create out of thin air if needed. By finding local artists to support by buying what you can will fill artists hearts with hope and provide sustainable capabilities for them to continue to bring joy to the world.

Thank you for participating if you can. Jeannette Kravitz,

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