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Music Can Heal the Soul. Buffalo Rose and Tom Paxton Social Conscious Music at

Met this amazing SXSW winning band at the Woodstock 38th Annual Folk Festival, Woodstock Illinois.

Music really is the universal language that can lift the spirit and the soul. This past weekend we traveled out to Woodstock, Illinois....lots of great music by 10 bands from all over and an Open Mic bar hosting a steel band playing Harry Belafonte Tunes and so much more.

Usually, I am more in tune with R&B, Jazz, Classical and Rock n Roll, but I truly loved this music, especially when they played songs we could sing along to and music that's filled with social conscious messages, like "This Little Light of Mine" (Dedicated to the memory of Steve Francois), "If You Could Read My Mind" (Gordon Lightfoot), "Teach Your Children Well"(Written by Graham Nash, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young) "I Shall Be Released" (Written by Bob Dylan), "Jamaica Farewell" (Written by Irving Louis Burgie as Sung by Harry Belafonte), "Your Strong Winds" (Written by Ian Tyson), and "Let Love Go On" (Written by Mark Dvorak).

The love and respect that I have for songwriters is growing stronger year after year. I used to write poetry and have co-written and produced some tunes, but more as a hobby. Now, I am planning to step up my creative game and created sponsorKIDS PeaceJourney Music Production Company at BMI as a home for my work and work of others interested in collaborations on music to help save the planet at If that's you, please reach out here through email.

Enjoy this band. Support if you can. And watch for more music from my corner of the world.

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