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NEW sponsorKIDS Peace Journey Publishing

Climate Change & Peace---Taking Social Impact Music to the Next Level

Our nonprofit music publishing department is finally here. This is where artists & funders: songwriters, musicians, composers, instrumentalists, painters, designers, recording studios, philanthropists and sponsors, meet to change the world.

For those of us who love music, it might seem simple. Just write songs and produce them, make money and share in the proceeds to change the world. But actually, it's a fine line group of professional musicians in this movement right now to make change happen through the arts.

That's why we created this nonprofit publishing company. Here is where artists can work with us to create social impact music to change the world, all while giving back a percentage of the revenues to support climate action and peace on a global scale.

By sharing in our success creatively and monetarily, we work to move conversations and actions forward for people, planet and profits to fund programs and energize further nonprofit collaborations. Added to that, our list of events, challenges and campaigns to help get the music out to the public creates a winning strategy!

If you are interested in learning more, just reach out to Jeannette at

Send over your EPK and your YouTUBE, Spotify, iTunes or other music links and tell us what area you are interested in joining in, as we grow this collaboration for world change.


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