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New York State bans gas in all new buildings!

Unless you were paying close attention, it was easy to miss all the encouraging climate news these past couple of weeks.

Some of the highlights include: New York State enacting the first-in-the-nation ban on all gas in new buildings (and building all-electric saves consumers hundreds of dollars in energy costs) (see first tweet below) ... G7 countriescommitting to a quicker transition to clean and renewable energy ... people successfully beginning to ​​​ban gas leaf blowers and mowers across the U.S. (these things are super bad for the planet) ... EU lawmakers passing the world's first ever carbon import tax ... President Biden establishing the first-ever Office of Environmental Justice ... and billions of dollars being made available to transition our buses to all-electric fleets (which creates near-term health benefits for our kids and long-term benefits for all of us).

So you see? While the planet continues to heat, some things are changing for the better. That's in part because YOU raised your hand and spoke your mind and said we need to meet the climate crisis head on.

So keep it up!

Joel Bach, Director, ITM.EARTH


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