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"Now Is The Time" Video & Music Powerful the Message of Hope & Action!

Lili Haydn, Itai Disraeli, Lisa Rafel - Now is the Time (ft. Lili Haydn, Itai Disraeli)

"Now is the Time Is a powerful song and video that emotionally connects to the depth of the pollution crisis and asks, what can we all do to solve it?" Radial by The Orchard

"I have a dream" is evolving into "I have actions I must perform" as my promise to act for the good of mankind. I believe these actions will be best accomplished and have the best chance for success by working together with many others who love earth.

Recently, I completed Al Gore's program Climate Reality Training. I did it to better understand the condition of the environment, the stresses on people across the globe and to work towards ways we can be in constant dialogue and in critical movement to preserve life here.

I, personally, am not interested in moving to Mars or some other planet. I love earth. What's devastating to me is how long it's taken to wake us up. Our planet's people will have migration in mass. They will be seeking water, food, sustainability for themselves and their families. It's already happening in places around the globe.

Since I was young, I have been dedicated to planet preservation in my own life. As a single mom, raising kids and moving for my photography career left little time for activism in the late '70s-mid 80's. However, I could not pollute, I'd pick up other people's garbage thrown on streets, I'd grow my own herb and vegetables, and buy from sustainable farmers and participate with family and my staff in movements like Hands Across America and supporting LiveAid. That's how I could contribute. These are still critical elements: simple acts and supporting arts and culture that we can do to help regenerate resources on our planet.

There is no place for politics here, unless they involve activism for policy changes to keep our air, water, agricultural lands, animals, space and our people safe. Since 1970 scientist tell us that 68% of species are gone for earth (

Our next steps at are to create ways for youth to travel with us through digital trips, virtual reality and the power of play providing amazing opportunities to be heard ,to lead and be a force for 'green jobs' for their future.

I welcome any inquiries from corporate sponsors, the built-industry, philanthropists, individuals and foundations who want to join us in this work for youth to learn, enter enviro-careers and be active for the care of mother earth.

Thank you. Jeannette


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