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Saving the Amazon Environment Fundacion Entropika

Fundación Entropika is a grassroots non-profit organization located in the heart of the Colombian Amazon River Basin, dedicated to the long-term conservation of biodiversity in the Amazonian border region between Colombia and Peru. They believe that improving livelihood security and building sustainable communities are fundamental components of a resilient ecosystem, of which humans are an integral part. They work closely with local stakeholders on community-led projects and educational and social programs to accomplish our goals.

Entropika is looking for support for a project single-handedly run by a local social leader, Dewitz Garcia. His conservation education program is for indigenous youth in riverine communities along the Amazon River and its tributaries. 

Dewitz travels by wooden motor boat to some of the most isolated indigenous communities, bringing his unique style of recreational/pedagogical teaching methods to engage the children in these marginalized communities that are otherwise devoid of recreational and enrichment options, have high suicide rates among teens, and have one of the lowest education rates in the country. Currently, because of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, the Ludobote program is their only source of education and stimulation. 

Through the performing arts, traditional games, crafts with recycled materials, reading circles, as well as nature-oriented activities, Dewitz teaches children the importance of preserving the natural habitats they inhabit. He also uses these activities as a medium to address human rights issues that disproportionately affect indigenous communities and at risk youth. Dewitz has worked in this region for 17 years and has developed a cultural context approach to teaching  that incorporates the ethnic identities of this region.

At PeaceJourney, we along with Entropika find this to be especially important because representation is a crucial step in reclaiming and re-valuing traditional culture. 

TBA: Soon we will be sharing their new website and work in an effort to work to help direct funding. If you'd like to speak about how you can help, please call PeaceJourney and we will connect you. Peace.


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