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April 22 - May 11 2021

After completing the Climate Reality Training last fall, and continuing to be on an emersion education path, we got clear that we needed to lead to engage and impact adults and kids from around the globe to replenish the earth's soil.

That clear direction was reinforced after seeing the documentary "Kiss The Ground". In this documentary, science experts and celebrity activists unpack the ways in which the earth's soil may be the key to combating climate change and preserving the planet. Starring:Woody Harrelson.

Our team has viewed this film several times. It is truly amazing how the simple act of planting in the soil could be so profound and have such an amazing positive affect on the quality of our air, water and land. And ultimately, life on our planet. This filmed nailed it!

Engaging and educating became our mantra. We landed on reviving an old brand used a few years back when we were planting school gardens in Chicago Public Schools. We call that campaign And now, we are launching the plant challenge to the world to Grow The World's Largest Garden, one plant at a time!

PLEASE JOIN US and enter the quick and easy and amazing "Earth Day" Challenge starting Earth Day April 22 - May 11 2021. This is the first of "6" Challenges launching throughout the year, culminating with our EarthSTARS Shine Awards Ceremony to celebrate the world's most fun and compelling entries on World Soil Day December 5th.

We ask you to share your plants, seeds and tree growing experiences with Friends & Family! COUNTRY BY COUNTRY creating a Continent by Continent Global COMPETITION CHALLENGE and building a worldwide team of EarthSTARS Ambassadors.

This FREE to ENTER CHALLENGE lets you tell your own personal story of planting fun by y uploading your planting Photo, Video and/or Audio. Here, you can express love of Mother Earth through the simple act of planting.

People's Choice Voting and Finalist Voting will keep you coming back to enter again and again and to view & vote on your own entry, as well as you friends and family entries! We all get to work together to showcase the world working to green up the world.

That should make everyone breathe a lot easier!


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