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The Market Gardener Jean-Martin Fortier

Jean-Martin Fortier is a Québécois farmer, author, educator and advocate for ecological, human-scale and economically-viable sustainable agriculture

"Called by many the most influential farming book of the last decade, Jean-Martin Fortier's book, The Market Gardener, A Successful Grower's Handbook for Small-Scale Organic Farming has now sold over 200 000 copies, won numerous awards and earned accolades from the foremost experts in the field. The book has now been published in 8 languages."

As most of you have gathered by now who follow our Blog, our team is constantly looking for clarity and inspiration in the area of understanding and acting upon how we can better our climate and environmental conditions.

Through some friends in Sweden today, we were told about this book for small-scale organic farming and really wanted to pass along the information while we had a few minutes this beautiful Sunday morning in Chicago.

We hope you find this information as compelling as we do. And appreciate you sharing it with other people who want to make substantial difference through their growing food practices.

In Chicago, I am sharing this book with the Green School Initiatives as we work towards gardens in schools to get kids connected to nature again.

Thanks for your time! See you soon.


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