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Underwater Projects | Official Trailer | Think 100% FILMS


Norfolk, Virginia is sinking. The already insufficient sea wall ends where a public housing project, St. Paul’s, begins. St. Paul’s housing projects' residents are Black people. Norfolk is home to the world’s largest naval base and there is currently no public plan to prevent it from going underwater.

Lives, livelihoods, cultures, the largest economy in Virginia, and the Navy are all under existential threat. The local government, in partnership with federal agencies, is investing in what is labeled a “climate resilience” plan to tear down public housing and redevelop what is an historic Black community, the St. Paul’s district. Underwater Projects unpacks this redevelopment plan from the perspective of community leaders and members, government officials, scientists, and climate, and national security experts.

These disasters are cropping up all over America and across the Global South. Being aware and supporting measures to help victims is so crucial.

JOIN HIP HOP CAUCUS efforts to expose the issues and help those affected.


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