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Which one of Revive our Oceans Finalists’ solutions is your favorite? Leave your thoughts!

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Bloomberg Prize

Healthy ocean = Healthy planet.

Meet the 2023 Finalists striving to Revive our Oceans for all life on Earth.

🐟 ABALOBI’s digital marketplace helps local fishers demonstrate their catch was caught sustainably and, in return, receive a fair price.

🌊 Coastal 500 is a global network of over 160 mayors and leaders working collectively to advocate for coastal protection around the world.

🪸 WildAid’s Marine Program helps countries enforce protected marine areas in their waters to deter illegal fishing and allow wildlife to flourish.

Which one of our Revive our Oceans Finalists’ solutions is your favourite? Leave your thoughts in the video comments (see. video photo above) , we’d love to read them.

The final episode in our 2023 Finalist Series is launched next Wednesday.

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Watch Episode 4 of our YouTube Series to see how ABALOBI, Coastal 500 and WildAid's Marine Program are nurturing our vital ocean ecosystems.

Learn more about The Earthshot Prize here: The Earthshot Prize on TikTok: The Earthshot Prize on Instagram: The Earthshot Prizes on Twitter: The Earthshot Prizes on Facebook: #EarthshotPrize


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