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I Believe We All Want A Plastic-less World! Here's A Way to Help Support ACTION.


The UN is negotiating a treaty to end the plastic problem.That's a big deal. But will it be strong enough?Join citizens around the world in calling for a strong, legally-binding treaty that will protect people and the planet.»ADD YOUR NAME TO THE PETITION

International plastics treaty

A legally binding international treaty on plastic pollution is now being negotiated by 175 countries. The question is will some countries or companies derail the progress that could be made. Chemical and plastics companies are lobbying for a weaker treaty and the U.S. wants "legally binding" taken out (no doubt to have a chance of ratification). Allies who want a strong treaty are asking for one that:

  • Is legally binding and has deadlines to cap and reduce plastic production

  • Prioritizes the health of front line workers and communities

  • Rejects false solutions like waste incineration and "recycling," as well as greenwashing

  • Holds polluting corporations and plastic producing countries accountable.

Petitions will be delivered to world leaders and delegates before the next round of negotiations in late May or early June. Add your voice here.


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